The Trews speak truth to my life

Like Led Zeppelin, the Trews are one of those bands singing about stuff I’m going through at the moment I’m listening to them — and I listen to them a lot.

Their lyrics tell the story of my own relationships.

These relations are often best described as “Hope and Ruin, gone too soon.”

These encounters often begin with begging: “You gotta open up your mind and come with me … Hold me in your arms.”

Then comes frustration: “Altered expectation. Long anticipation. Everything is changing. I’m the same and aging. I am Tired of Waiting.”

For example, I was planning to take someone to a concert. The previous week, we had a wild night followed by a bad scene. She was sending mixed signals, and backing out of big promises.

I was thinking of The Trews lyrics: “It seems the dream is over, and not worthy of mending.”

Or this song:

“There’s a fire in my heart that’s been burning from the start. But you shake my faith and break the trust, pull the rug out from under us.” “It’s not alright, when you know that you don’t care. It’s just not fair. We’re getting nowhere.”

But I still had “Hope and Ruin”. I really hoped she would come to the show and learn from music, as many fans do.

But she wasn’t listening to The Trews advice: “Oh my girl, please don’t give in. Don’t listen to your stupid friends.”

When she didn’t show up, I became a “Paranoid Freak” on a “bad trip, too many loose lips, all rocking my ship and I’m sinking.” And the result was, sure enough, “So she’s leaving.”

Though she left me, she didn’t leave my mind. 

“I’ve never been the kind of man, to let a woman change my plan. I took the line, the hook, the bait. And now I’m sick from what I ate. There’s no sight she’d rather see, than poor old broken-hearted me.”

“Her mission is my misery. Poor old broken-hearted me.”

I should find somebody else to give me the blues. I could become “a Man of Two Minds.”

But I still hope that we could live in bliss.

“You deserve the best. You should expect nothing less. We could live in bliss. If you just say yes. On a night like this, life could change with a kiss, if you don’t second guess, and you go with it. And sing your heart out, sing your heart out, drive the blues away.”

(words and images copyright Christopher Johnson Globalite Media all rights reserved)