The reconstruction of Tacloban, one piece at a time — a photo gallery

— photos by Christopher Johnson, all rights reserved —

It’s not easy to rebuild a city from almost zero. What Typhoon Yolanda destroyed in the early hours of Nov. 8 took years to build, and will take a long time to rebuild as well. It’s a colossal undertaking involving almost everybody in the Tacloban area. People are doing what they can: cleaning their homes, rebuilding roofs, removing or burning debris, guarding neighborhoods, driving tricycles, filling gas tanks, distributing supplies, even planting rice. It’s a long way back, but people are increasingly gaining hope that it can be done.

IMG_6699 - Version 3 IMG_6702 IMG_6715 IMG_6726 IMG_6731 IMG_6749 IMG_6751 IMG_6755 IMG_6761 IMG_6777 IMG_6793 IMG_7108 IMG_7192 IMG_7208 IMG_7231 IMG_7237 IMG_7314 IMG_7444 IMG_7447 IMG_7466 IMG_7639 - Version 2 IMG_1773 - Version 2 IMG_1776 IMG_1790 - Version 2 IMG_1791 IMG_1793 IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1814 IMG_1819 IMG_7725 IMG_7760 IMG_1895 IMG_8085 IMG_7122 IMG_1907 IMG_1942 IMG_8152 IMG_8169 IMG_8173 IMG_8175 IMG_8174 IMG_8180 IMG_8408 IMG_8348 IMG_8365 IMG_8367 IMG_2117