Christopher Johnson’s novel Siamese Dreams on sale


Buy the e-book of Siamese Dreams for $5 at

“Original, brilliant and a very entertaining read. I couldn’t put it down once I started.” Claire Leow, Bloomberg News, Singapore

“Profoundly entertaining. Outstripping the works of Somerset Maugham or Alex Garland in its understanding of Thai people, Siamese Dreams is essential reading for anyone visiting the country.” Colin Donald, The Scotsman, United Kingdom

A brave dive into the heart of Thailand … a Thai On the Road. Like Kerouac, Johnson bounces off the people around him as he tries to discover what makes them tick, and what makes him tick. More light than darkness, it affectionately explores an exquisite country with broad scope and profound appreciation.” Fred Varcoe, Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan

“Great writing style. Other writers couldn’t even imagine his front-line experiences.” Christopher G. Moore, author of 17 novels set in Asia

“You know how most of us only dream in one language? Well, my brother knows a lot of languages and he dreams in Japanese.” Gordie Johnson, Big Sugar

“Sensitive and crystal clear at once.” Oliver Reichenstein, Information Architects, Tokyo

“Each chapter was like reading an individual book, in itself, as they were so descriptive and visually appealing. As an artist who paints, it is such a joy to read a book that can paint a picture in my mind. I found this book not only a well-written fiction, but also somewhat of a travel guide. There were many sites that I found extremely pleasing and provocative, while others I would never wish to visit.” Elaine Chapman, Field Study Manager, Visual Communications, Medicine Hat College


Buy Siamese Dreams here:

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