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From the Bubble Economy to the Kobe earthquake and beyond, Kobe Blue is more than a wry and insightful look at the Golden Age of Japan. Based on real experiences, the novel explores the inner turmoil of cross-cultural relationships and the fragile soul of a nation where globalization threatens tradition, consumerism challenges religion, and banality trumps morality. 

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In the late 1980s, Japan is the place to be. Thousands of foreigners dream of getting rich and dating exotic locals in an ancient and futuristic Fantasy Land. But as the Bubble bursts, they discover deeper — and more troubling — insights about themselves, their secretive lovers, and a nation built on the most dangerous ground in the world.

An overworked Japanese woman, living in a rundown “Old World” part of Kobe, hopes a younger American man will help her overcome the loss of men in her life. Teaching him about Japanese wisdom and erotic culture, she conceals horrors that could ruin his love affair with her and Japan, while he becomes entangled with colleagues on a romp through the classrooms, boardrooms and bedrooms of a metropolis spread across four cities. On a cold winter night, the earth begins to shake, unleashing the worst destruction of a city in recent times.