Christopher Johnson: Why Tim Tebow is winning in the NFL

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is winning for these reasons:


-He often spends time with his father’s mission in the Philippines, working with people in Cotabato, a hotbed for the MILF Islamic insurgents. He sees his role in the bigger picture of things, and seems grounded in the concept of reality. 


-He doesn’t turn the ball over. If you are on defense, he doesn’t give you takeaways, and his running game pounds you into exhaustion.


-The best player of his generation in college football, he commands the respect of his teammates and opponents. As cornerback Champ Bailey says, his teammates work harder for him knowing that Tebow is working so hard for them. 


-Since he works so hard, Tebow doesn’t look tired in the fourth quarter, when he tends to take over games. 


-Never mind his unorthodox throwing technique. He puts the ball where only his receivers, not the defenders, can make a play on it. His receivers, who dropped many good passes in earlier games, are starting to catch passes for crucial gains. 


-He throws well on the run, and now coaches are letting him throw on the run, instead of chaining him to the pocket. 


-He is used to winning, because he has always won at every level. His team looks like they expect to win, because a proven winner is leading them. That is how to win in sports. 


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