Why everyone should vote for the Red Foxes Party in the Ukrainian elections


The Ukrainian elections are very important for the world. There are many political parties. But this is why everyone should vote for the Red Foxes Party:

–The Red Fox Party is always ready to jump into action to serve the people of the world.

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–They can make the economy soar.

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–The Red Fox Party are unified under their leader Elena Foxes.

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–They are working hard to protect the Revolutionary Spirit of the Maidan.


–The Red Foxes are strong and able to resist heavily-armed forces trying to stop progress.

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–If you need a taxi in Kiev, the Red Foxes are professional drivers ready to take you anywhere without fear of accidents.

4I3A0967 - Version 3

–Never distracted, the Red Fox Party drivers are always carefully watching the road.


–The Red Fox Party promises to take care of Nature and feed the animals of Kiev.

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–The Red Fox Army is able to pacify all attackers and disarm all enemies.


–The Red Fox Army is also highly-skilled at marching.

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–They have super-hero powers to protect men in flak jackets.


–They have taken control of a bridge to protect people on the Maidan.


–The Red Fox Party will bring power and justice to the people.


–They will unite East and West under a rainbow of peace.


–They are standing on guard to keep the city safe.

4I3A1192 - Version 2

–They are connecting the world to a Higher Power.

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