Obama’s grand coalition of urbanites, minorities wins 2012 election

Key points about the US Election:

–Women were 53 percent of the electorate; about 55 percent of them favored Obama.

–Romney won 59 percent of white votes, compared with 39 for Obama.

–Romney won 56 percent of seniors, 49 of non-gays, 59 percent of churchgoers, and 78 of evangelical Christians. Obama won 95 percent of African-American votes, 76 of gays, 71 of Latino, 69 of Jewish, 60 of youth. About 65 percent of voters said they want legal status for undocumented immigrants

–Romney couldn’t win Michigan (which his Dad governed), Massachusetts (his home), his holiday home of New Hampshire, and his VP’s home state of Wisconsin. In Canada and other countries, he could not possibly become a national leader without winning his home “riding”.

–Obama’s bailout of the auto industry made big difference in Michigan and Ohio.

–Romney won 59 percent of rural votes. Obama won most urban areas by huge margins: more than 80 percent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx; more than 90 percent in District of Columbia; 85 percent in Philadelphia; 69 percent of Cuyahoga County in Cleveland; above 70 percent of Wayne Country in Detroit; 74 percent of Cook County in Chicago; 62 percent of Miami-Dade; about 57 percent of Dallas County and 60 of Travis County in Austin; 69 percent of King County in Seattle; 69 percent of Los Angeles County; and 75 percent of Marin County in San Francisco.

–Obama lost Orange County in southern California and most of eastern California, Oregon and Washington, but won big on the Pacific coast, especially in the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle.

–Many Americans might be confused or undecided about how to deal with deficits, Iran, job creation, the economy. But they have strong views about abortion, rape, gay rights, women’s rights, health care and other social issues. They also saw a clear personal choice, between a guy who plays basketball and brews beer, and a Mormon who doesn’t drink.

–Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, won 1.1 million votes as Libertarian Party presidential candidate, the most for a third party since 2000.

–In his victory speech, Obama channeled JFK: America is not about what can be done for us, but by us.

–Obama won big in terms of electoral college but not in popular vote. In his victory speech: We are not as divided as our politics suggest. We are more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are the United States.