fun shots of giants, dwarfs, and conjoined twins at Japan Open tennis 2011

-Mardy Fish shows why tennis can be a dangerous sport for men

-Conjoined twins separated at birth, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal reunite at Japan Open in Tokyo 

-Whilst running, Rafa Nadal balances a ball on his back, which only the great players can do

-a truly honorable Australian, teen sensation Bernard Tomic puts his racket in his mouth in front of the Prince of Japan

-perhaps not trusting his teammate or the opponents, the normally daring Kei Nishikori hides behind the net during a doubles match

-Andy Murray begs for mercy from a giant sitting in the umpire’s chair

-a wet puppy shakes the water out of his hair after chasing a tennis ball

-Canadian giant Milos Raonic dwarfs a midget Japanese linesman

-Andy Murray displays the new form that won him the singles and doubles at the Japan Open

-whilst losing to Andy Murray, the normally polite and friendly Rafael Nadal motions to whack a linesman upside the head

-the giant Nadal dwarfs the midget linesmen who fits nicely inside the giant’s racket

-to show his true love and respect for linesmen, Nadal engages one in a dance

-the mark on the ball in Japanese says “Heaven” – which the Japan Open truly was




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