Japan photos for Summersonic Festival of Endurance story

0050 — Long Live Rock. Japanese fans paying high prices must endure extreme heat, rain, mud, discomfort and fatigue to catch their favorite international bands at summer festivals.


0077, 0165, 0048, 0049 — Hundreds of fans who stay overnight to avoid long lines for crammed trains must sleep on benches, the hard concrete floor, or the grass outside Chiba Marine stadium.


0976– Fans who stay for 2 or 3 days and nights have to pay two or three times normal prices for drinks and other items sold exclusively by sponsors.


0934 – Some fans squat on well-trammeled concrete floors to eat or sleep


0056, 0140 — Organizers have worked hard to decorate ugly spaces with paintings and lanterns.


0121, 2 – Lockers and cloak rooms were full by noon Saturday at Summersonic, forcing many fans to leave their bag in the open.


0921, 0927, 0118, 0165 — Organizers ban use of professional cameras and even trashy, unusable long distance souvenir photos of bands on stage in low light.


0961, 0965 – the Marlboro cigarette sign manages to find its way into may souvenir photos of works of art at Summersonic.


0958, 0961 – Festivals are marathons of endurance for fans who walk from stage to stage and stand in crowds for hours in extreme heat to see their favorite bands.



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