CJ quoted on BBC about Thailand demographic timebomb


On air: Has the past week changed Thailand?

Despite the fact that four senior Thai anti-government protest leaders have nowsurrendered to the police, the country is on edge. Is this really game over for the Red Shirts?

Not according to Asia Sentinel who feels that this is a new type of revolution.

‘The determination, resilience and courage of the Red Shirt core, confronting heavily armed troops with makeshift weapons, has already created a mythic narrative that will ensure that however the May 2010 confrontation in Bangkok ends, their actions will be recalled and recounted in their home villages for years, further adding to the kindling that fuels Thailand’s slowly unfolding revolution.’

According to Christopher Johnson at the Japan Times, the demonstrations represent a fundamental change in Thai society signalling ‘a new type of conflict involving entrenched elites and millions of workers who have migrated from farms to cities across Asia’.

And Ian Buruma in Lebanon’s Daily Star agrees that elites are under siege, not just in Thailand for across the world. This is only the beginning. Do you agree?


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