Why the Red Foxes, a fan favorite at FIBA events, are world class athletes

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— Words and photos by Christopher Johnson —

Based in the Ukraine and Lithuania, the Red Foxes are a fixture at international basketball events, and one of the most popular and talented dance troupes in the world.

They are an all-star team of elite dancers. Performing under pressure in front of large live and TV audiences, they are also world class athletes, on par with the basketball players performing around them.

If you have any doubt, just look at their legs.

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Like other professional athletes, they spend hours in gyms and weight rooms honing their bodies and pushing their limits of physical and mental toughness.

Their muscle definition compares with athletes such as Rafael Nadal or women’s world cup players.

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As a result of arduous training, they can lift each other up and soar through the air.

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Like NBA stars Derrick Rose or Kyrie Irving, they have great balance and body control, and even better flexibility.

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They can even control the swing of their hair. Not many players can do that.

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Like USA basketball and college teams such as Kentucky, they are a dynasty, led by their founder Elena Foxes, who is the Coach K of the global basketball dance world.

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With strong leadership and role players, their teamwork draws comparisons with the San Antonio Spurs.

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They also have undeniable star quality, waving to their fans as they exit the court.

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They are happy to pose with their biggest fans, including photographers and players.

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Like models or elite athletes, it’s difficult to take a bad picture of them. They are truly among the most beautiful women on the planet. And they can really dance.

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